Babylit Board Books

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Babylit Board Books by Jennifer Adams and illustrated by Alison Oliver have become my go-to shower gift for baby girls and boys. I first discovered these adorable books when I was pregnant with my second baby, a little girl.

The board book, Pride and Prejudice, hooked me from the beginning, since it’s one of my favorite pieces of literature. I love the beautiful drawings and the simple words, perfect for little babies. My daughter, now almost 3, still loves reading the books at bedtime.


Whenever these books find their way off the shelf, both my children gravitate towards them and sit down looking at the pictures.


Plus the author, Jennifer Adams, is great about coming out with new books fairly often. I hate it when a series stops, don’t you?


The books are beautifully bound, each page is sturdy like a board book, but has a matte finish, so the quality looks nicer compared to shiner, plastic-y board books out there.


This is probably why I love giving these books as baby shower gifts, the content and illustrations are amazing too.


Check these out at your local bookstore or Amazon especially if you’re looking for a little something to add to a baby shower gift for a little “wow” factor.

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