The Toy Closet

Rooms with Kids


An unexpected surprise when I had kids was realizing how much I love kids toys. Not the loud, plastic ones, but the cute ones. The ones that encourage imaginative play and the ones that my kids get excited about and make up stories with. But something I don’t love is the lack of a playroom to store {and attempt to contain} the toys. If I’m not careful, many toys will end up all over our main living/dining/entry area.

Sharing a Room – Preschooler & Newborn Edition

Rooms with Kids


Within the last couple years, two of my good friends have given birth with a several-year age gap between the baby and their first children. They have also opted to let their babies share bedrooms with their grade-school siblings. I think this is more common than I originally realized and my question is, How does sharing a room work with such a big age gap? Thankfully, my friend Amanda has generously allowed me a peek into her boys’ room. Enjoy the tour. It’s so sweet.