Time Simply Flies

Weekend Notes

My last post was in January, back when I made my New Year’s Resolution to post on this blog consistently. Fast forward many months, and here I am on June 1 sitting down to my computer and looking at this site again. I have many, many ideas, wrote them down, and when it came time to draw up the drafts, I froze. Writer’s block? Maybe.

But today I sat down and looked at flying-kites.com and I couldn’t help but smile at some of the content. I love writing this blog. I love figuring out new things to do with my kids and sharing them. I love trying to find rooms that are well-designed but where kids live too. I want to keep this blog going and challenge myself to keep with it.

In three weeks, I am due with my third baby. No pressure to write or anything. But I hope I will keep coming back and using this blog to challenge myself to keep building a relationship with my kids. This time in their lives is so important and this last year has been a whirlwind of change as we not only moved from California to Kansas, but also dealt with a surprise blessing in the form of this soon-to-be new baby. Whew!

Here’s to a summer of making memories and building the relationships with your kids!