Lille Huset

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Have you ever heard of Lille Huset? Made in the USA and eco-friendly, this company creates paper houses for children.

The houses range in size from 7″ to 15″ and are inspired by houses around the world. Plus, the houses are fairly inexpensive, making them great for birthday parties or creating a mini-city.


The houses arrive flat, ready for assembly. Although the houses feature whimsical patterns, the website encourages kids to add their own decorations. Recently, they came out with modern homes that I think my son would enjoy.



When I was creating my daughter’s train table, I wanted to add some houses to give the table a distinct “homey” feel. I purchased a little yellow house from them a year before {I don’t see it offered anymore} and then I ordered a cute pink house from Amazon.



My daughter is very young to really decorate the houses, but she’s great at not putting things in her mouth. She loves dollhouses. When I attached the houses, I actually used hot glue to keep them together. I think part of the fun for older kids is the ability to change walls, but for my daughter I needed stability.


I purchased two peg people last year {it appears Lille Huset is offering paper dolls to personalize} and added my own peg people.


I also found little boxes for the beds and added a few paper accessories to jazz up the houses.


My daughter loves playing with these homes and I’m already eyeing the larger homes for Christmas.


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