Time for Tea

Family Time


One of my favorite recent memories as a parent happened last spring, when my son and I took tea together.

I’m an avid tea drinker and usually drink several cups while going about my day (switching to decaf in the afternoon or else!). For whatever reason, that day my daughter was down for a late nap and my son just got up from his “rest” (read: playing actively in his room). He asked to have tea with me and I said, why not?


I brought two cups of decaf to the dining table and ignored the dirty floors underneath to focus on his little face. What followed was a wonderful half hour that ended with us taking “selfies” together and dissolving in giggles. He won’t remember that time, but I will cherish it.


My point? Sometimes, the ordinary things can be elevated into wonderful memories. And even though you might only have those memories, the time spent is a building block in the relationship. Look for those ordinary moments and, occasionally, make them special.


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