Inexpensive Hairbow Storage

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Does your little girl have a ton of hairbows like mine? Somehow, they just seem to multiply… especially after a shopping trip to Target! I decided to create a wall hanging for nearly free to contain all the headbands and bows in one place.


Materials Needed:

 1. Plastic animals, cut in half (I found mine at Wal-Mart for $1 each)

2. Paint for animals: spray paint, acrylic, or even wall paint (what I used) works fine

3. Two pieces of cardboard, rectangles – I used flaps from a diaper box

4. Wrapping Paper

5. Ribbon

6. Stamp pads and small stamp in a shape, like circle or star (optional)

7. Twine

8. Stapler

9. Hot glue gun and glue

Step One: Paint the Animals

Paint the animals, completely covering with paint – may need a couple coats. Let dry completely


Step Two: Cut and Attach Twine

Cut the twine generously, allowing enough to attach to one end of the board and loop around to attach to the other end of the board. This is the piece that will hang on a nail, so allow enough room to do that. Attach the twine with staples. Tuck in extra pieces



Step Three: Glue Boards Together

Spread a generous amount of hot glue on the board with twine and then attach the other board. Press firmly.


Step Four: Wrap the Board with Wrapping Paper

 Wrap the board up with the wrapping paper. Be sure to slit the paper where it meets the twine, so the paper folds over seamlessly. Also, the paper doesn’t need to completely cover the back of the board.



Step Five: Attach Ribbon and Animals

The ribbon holds the hairbows that clip. The animals hold the headbands.

Cut the ribbon into thirds.


I also opted to add some pink to the ribbon with a small circle stamp and stamp pad.


Dab a dot of hot glue in the middle and ends of the board and attach all three ribbon pieces.


Carefully place hot glue around the cut edge of each animal and press firmly over the top of the ribbon. Use judgement on the amount of glue, you need enough to keep the animals in place, yet you don’t want too many drips.


After everything has dried, hang up and enjoy!




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