Family Car Wash

Family Time


One hot Sunday this summer, my husband wanted to wash our cars. We decided to put the kids in their swimsuits and make this a family chore. Sometimes it’s hard to involve the kids in everyday chores because we just want to “get it done.” But what was a simple chore for my husband and I was a huge event to our four and two year old. All we did to make it a family chore was put them in their swimsuits and sunscreen – just like going to the pool. Except less hassle!


Soapy Water

Microfiber Sponges

Water Hose


Spray the car with the hose


Soap up the car with the soapy water and sponges

Rinse with the hose.


It’s surprising how easy it is to wash cars and how much fun when it’s a group effort! The kids loved helping us and it was a chore that they couldn’t really mess up – perfect for ages four and two! Give it a try while the weather is still warm. This is a great activity for the whole family.


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