Green Toys

Products to Try


Green Toys is one of my favorite toy companies. We have several toys from them and it is a company I keep coming back to over and over again.


Not only are the toys made out of recyclable material, but they are extremely durable.



I also love how washable they are. My son took his helicopter to the park, it got very sandy, but we just washed it in the sink later that day. No rust.


The toys are a little expensive, but given the years we have gotten out of them, justifies the price.


In addition to owning transportation toys, we also own the play food Green Toys makes. The pizza and sandwich sets are amazing!

Within the past few months, Green Toys debuted their 2014 collection and I had another excuse to comb their website. I’m currently eyeing this build-a-bouquet set for my daughter’s room as a different take on construction, and the tractor for my son since we just moved to Kansas (rather appropriate, right??). I also want to try the indoor gardening set and both sand play sets to live permanently outdoors.


What would you buy?


PS – this is not a sponsored post, I just love this company and their products!

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