Glitter Pumpkins



Every year, I like to sprinkle some Martha Stewart (magic!!!) glitter on pumpkins and put them around our house, usually the dining table and mantle.That’s usually the extent of my fall decorating. This year, I took a deep breath, let go of my inner perfect Martha, and let the kids help me. Outside of course!


This is a fantastic activity to do outside with little ones during the fall months. I think it’s so fun to work on fall crafts during fall (not summer!), even if it shortens the time they’re enjoyed.


We glittered the pumpkins, brought them inside to dry, and enjoyed apple cider while admiring our work.

Here’s what you need:



glitter (Martha Stewart Glitter is my favorite)

bowls for the glitter and spoons for sprinkling

glue – I use Elmer’s rubber cement because I like to brush the glue on for a lighter and more even application.

cookie sheet to transport everything outside



Brush the glue on the pumpkin (usually just the tops), allow the kids to do the sprinkling. Set aside a couple to do on your own. Have fun.




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